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Lucky Duck was founded by two friends who love coffee. We prepare small batches of specialty grade coffees that will give you a memorable coffee experience. We roast origin, flavored, and infused coffees. Let Lucky Duck be the spark that ignites your brain in the morning, brings things into focus, and helps you make your own luck.

It began as a hobby that grew into an obsession, then blossomed into a small business. Our first coffee roaster was a tiny tabletop machine. It was shipped with sample packs of specialty gourmet coffee beans. We found that each bean had a unique smell, look, taste, and personality. Gourmet coffee beans were clearly better than not, and if you want to brew the best tasting coffee you need freshly roasted coffee beans.

We now have two custom-built premium coffee roasters named Eleanor and Reba. Both in red, they are sweet machines, with attitudes to match their names. We prepare small batches of specialty coffees from Colombia, New Guinea, El Salvador, and Ethiopia. Should you prefer flavored coffees, we have a selection of eight mouthwatering coffee flavors. The flavors are blended to add bold accents to delicious fresh roasted coffee beans.

As to the nature of luck, all of our lives begin as an extraordinary piece of good luck. After that, luck can happen to anyone, at any time, in any place. It can be fickle, unplanned, and random. Or, it can come from seizing opportunities and holding on to your dreams. What we all want is the opportunity to be lucky. It makes us happy to think that Lucky Duck Coffee will help open your mind, fuel your optimism, and bring you the luck you deserve.

Lucky Duck is a very personal venture for the two founders. We have put parts of ourselves into it, as we refined our vision, created our roasting profiles, and faced up to the luckiness in our own lives. Lucky Duck will give you a memorable coffee experience. It will be the spark that ignites your brain in the morning. It will stand with you as you greet each day. Whether on your back porch, at your kitchen table, or making your morning commute, The Duck will bring things into focus, reinforce your better instincts, and help you make your own luck.